Emmerdale - Season 34 Episode 125 : Monday, 30th May 2005 (2021)

Emmerdale - Season 34 Episode 125 : Monday, 30th May 2005 (2021)

While Scott and Zoe continue to play happy families with Jean, Viv is busy speaking to a solicitor about Scott's rights as a father. It later comes to a head when Viv interrupts Scott and Zoe's lunch and announces the results of her investigations. Scott is openly angry at his mother for interfering and he follows her out. Viv and Scott discuss the situation and agree that it is brilliant that Zoe thinks they are at loggerheads. Scott then goes back to the pub and apologises to Zoe, telling her that he's told his mum that it's none of her business. What are Viv and Scott scheming? Meanwhile, pregnant teenager Debbie is feeling increasingly isolated, and having spoken to no-one about her delicate state, she is in desperate need of help. She goes to her hideout place and calls a teen advice line but after asking a few awkward questions she hangs up. Elsewhere, Chas is sick of the lack of support she receives from her family over joining the army and when Zak bets her that she'll be in ex


Genre: Soap, Drama

Casts: Mark Charnock, Dominic Brunt, Lesley Dunlop, Tony Audenshaw, Samantha Giles, Roxy Shahidi, Adam Thomas, Zoë Henry, Michelle Hardwick, Isobel Steele, Duncan Preston

Last Air Date: Apr 13, 2021

Quality: HD

IMDb: 3.8 (52 Vote)

Release: Jan 01, 1970

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